What's it like being a chauffeur?

The requirements you need to become a personal chauffeur include a driver's license and communication and service skills. Some private drivers only need a standard driver's license, but some states require you to obtain a driver's license before driving professionally. Some employers require a high school diploma and previous driving experience, and most also require a background check. You should be able to perform basic maintenance tasks on your vehicle.

In addition, you must have the navigational skills to choose the best routes to destinations throughout your employer's city or region. And you can't turn fusspot mode on or off randomly. With a keen and quick eye for detail. They enjoy and take pride in their work.

These are people who will do their best. Their goal is to make the trip a pleasure. And treat someone the way you would like to be treated yourself. The trip is much more than the trip.

A driver is much more than a capable driver. A chauffeur is there to help with bags, open doors, help with hotel and restaurant reservations, and help customers in many ways.

Anna Leblanc
Anna Leblanc

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