What cars do chauffeurs use?

Executive Package Makes Lexus LS Ideal Space for Luxury Travel. It is available on the Lexus LS and offers rear passengers 22-position electrically adjustable rear seats with butterfly headrests, memory, multifunction massage and heating capabilities. Electric retractable headrests and a right rear power reclining seat with ottoman are also part of the package. You could argue that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the best car with a driver.

Similarly, the Rolls-Royce Phantom would also reach the top of many charts. Eighth-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom starts at £351,486, making it a much more expensive option. The Phantom has always remained undisputed at the top of its class of super-luxury vehicles. Having this classic piece of jewellery adds prestige to any chauffeur outfit.

If you want a big ticket, choose the Rolls-Royce Phantom. If you want to keep the account department happy, choose Class E. Perhaps the most iconic luxury car, the Mercedes Benz S-Class has a distinctive and classic look. All interior finishes are made of genuine leather and metal, with no plastic parts or veneers.

The Audi A8 L features night vision and Matrix LED headlights that alter the precise shape and strength of the headlight beam in response to road conditions. These special headlights can even detect and highlight pedestrians or larger animals. A larger luxury option, the Range Rover SVAutobiography has a huge range of additional extras and is highly customizable. The Jaguar XJ LWB looks powerful with advanced technology.

Predictive headlights detect oncoming vehicles and automatically adjust the beams, an integrated touchscreen can sync with your phone and provide access to your apps and music, and a retractable sunroof with UV-filtered glass illuminates the vehicle. New Mercedes EQEWe all know that the Mercedes E-Class is one of the most important and popular vehicles within the chauffeur industry. Rolls-Royce is the epitome of luxury vehicles. Its classics such as the Phantom and Ghost are key examples when it comes to luxury cars with a driver, but the Cullinan takes the cake.

Being a luxury SUV, one might think it wouldn't be appropriate to be a chauffeured car, but Rolls-Royce thinks otherwise. Right from the start, you'll be greeted by the iconic Rolls-Royce suicide doors with touch sensors on the outside to detect when you want the doors to close. In typical Rolls-Royce style, the Cullinan offers many customization options, especially if you prefer to have single or lounge type seats (seats for two or three passengers). The seating options offer two different options; the individual seating arrangement will turn the center console into your miniature liquor cabinet, which also comes with two Rolls-Royce whiskey glasses, a decanter, champagne glasses and a miniature refrigerator.

Wi-Fi access points, two touch screens, a wireless charging port and an 18-speaker Bespoke audio system that completes the rest of the functions available on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Some automakers have a long history of creating cars designed to drive royalty, politicians and tycoons alike; meanwhile, other automakers have modified existing models to cater to rear seat passengers. The BMW 7 Series is the most spacious sedan from the German automaker, making it already an obvious choice for those who need a chauffeur. If the Jaguar XJ is good enough for the Queen of England, then you can be sure it has enough luxury bells and whistles for a majestic chauffeur-driven experience.

Although the E-Class isn't as luxurious as other chauffeured cars, it's popular with business-class drivers and is a reliable workhorse.. In addition to its highest-performing vehicle division with the F brand, the Lexus LS 500 is the closest you can get to being a chauffeured car. BMW X8In the chauffeur business, we've always said that the third row of seats in a large SUV is pretty useless, not only do you need to measure 4 feet tall to be comfortable, but they also completely ruin your trunk space. Rolls-Royce is practically synonymous with the idea of having a driver, and no car in the line fits as well as the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Mercedes-Benz EQV models have already started to enter the UK and some chauffeur companies are already operating them. From champagne coolers to reclining seats that can give you a shiatsu massage, Lindsay Bjerregaard has put together a list of Robb Report's favorite luxury cars for chauffeuring. Chauffeurs can expect, like the EQE, to have a range of around 400 miles from the electric powertrain and is likely to cost more than £80,000 when it arrives in the UK. The full-size Lexus LS sedan has many options to make you driver-ready, including a long-wheelbase version that features 36.7 inches of legroom and a series of exclusive packages to transform the driver's car into a passenger car.

But remember, almost anyone can buy a stylish chauffeur, what's harder to find is a good chauffeur. The V-Class is a versatile and capable vehicle and has always been the driver's first choice in passenger transport vehicles, even with previous Vito and Viano models. . .

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