How much is a chauffeur for a day?

What sets Blacklane chauffeurs apart and makes them the perfect choice for every trip to the Big Apple is their dedication to the trade. For them, it's not about going from here to there, it's about making traveling around New York as memorable as the rest of their visit. In the words of Peter B., it's that approach of constantly going the extra mile that will really make a difference when you book your chauffeur in New York. You'll never have to worry about common travel problems if you have a trained professional to guide you.

We value the value of time and know that every minute counts. With other methods of transportation, time is often wasted navigating traffic, parking, chasing trains, looking for seats, or waiting. Let a personal Red Oak driver take you door to door and make your day even more enjoyable. Our customers who commute to work find that a private car environment is very conducive and efficient to work in compared to other modes of transportation.

Let your trip be a new time to prepare for meetings, take calls or update emails, and avoid having to catch up after your trip. On the way back, give yourself the opportunity to close the day before you get home. By optimizing your daily commute, you free up more hours in the day. Let Red Oak simplify your life.

In general, a chauffeur will be cheaper during the day than at night and less expensive during the week than on weekends. Whether it's for a birthday party, graduation, bachelor or bachelorette party, graduation night, wedding or anniversary, hiring a chauffeur means going luxury. From Central Park to the Chrysler Building, it's best to tour New York's landmarks with an hourly rental from Blacklane, meaning you can navigate between destinations whenever you want, with your own private chauffeur on call. On New Year's Eve and at major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, you can expect to pay double or even triple the price for your chauffeur, simply because demand is so high.

And New York City, of course, is known for its loud, impatient, and unpolite local taxi drivers, a force to be reckoned with for those who arrive tired after a long and awkward fight. Most chauffeurs expect a ten to twenty percent tip above and beyond the hourly or package rate, even if they're private drivers and working on their own. No matter where you need to be, Red Oak will provide you with professional chauffeured services to simplify your life. The type of vehicle you'll need is one of the most important determining factors in calculating how much a driver will cost.

Blacklane's chauffeur service is available to streamline and de-stress your journey around the city, with professional chauffeurs and a fleet of modern, safe and stylish vehicles available for easy transfers from A to B and to the airport, as well as hourly hire. By trusting Red Oak's professional chauffeurs and well-maintained luxury fleet of vehicles, you can be sure you're in good hands. Those who use a chauffeur during the day and on weekdays tend to do so for business or practical reasons, while at night and on weekends the service tends to be more recreation-oriented.

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