Can you hire a driver for the day in nyc?

Rent a car, limousine or van with a driver for a day when you need transportation, traveling in a limousine with a driver is one of the best ways to travel. Renting a luxury car for an event can be easy. Executive car rental companies offer fixed rates and package options based on the time of day, type of car, and length of rental. A Bentley on a Saturday night will definitely cost more than a Lincoln on a Thursday afternoon, so consider the type of vehicle and the day if you're worried about the budget.

Usually, when you rent a luxury car for an event, you also hire a chauffeur to drive it. If not, you can rent a luxury car through standard car rental companies. For executive chauffeured car rentals, make sure you have a clearly defined contract to help avoid any potential problems. Available in top luxury vehicles, our “hourly” service provides truly personalized transportation for those who need an available driver between locations.

With our rental limousine drivers in New York, you can direct your driver to any destination in New York City and have them wait for you. You don't need to worry about waiting time. It is ideal for those who want to go from meeting to meeting, touring the city or going shopping in the city. If the driver's tip isn't included in the total, be sure to set aside cash to tip the driver at the end of the night; 15 to 20 percent is standard if you've done a good job.

From Central Park to the Chrysler Building, it's best to tour New York's landmarks with an hourly rental from Blacklane, meaning you can navigate between destinations whenever you want, with your own private chauffeur on call. If you're hosting an event or party in New York, ask teams of drivers to drive your guests and their cars home safely. Blacklane's chauffeur service is available to streamline and de-stress your journey around the city, with professional chauffeurs and a fleet of modern, safe and stylish vehicles available for easy transfers from A to B and to the airport, as well as hourly hire. You might need a driver to pick up a co-worker at the airport, you might want to take a group of friends or colleagues to a special event en masse, you might get married and want a fancy car to drive you to the front desk, or you and the gang are celebrating and want an executive car to take you from safely from one place to another.

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