How much does a personal driver cost in nyc?

ThePricer is a website born and raised in the United States that provides its visitors with thoroughly researched and unbiased cost information on many different and popular products and services. A personal chauffeur, also called a personal driver, is a person who drives cars to a specific location. Benefits aren't necessary because most drivers are independent contractors and are usually retired pensioners with their own benefits. Because it's best for driver and limousine rental companies to have full bookings on special dates and events, they often only offer package deals instead of the normal hourly rate, which can also drive up the price.

This also has to do with general demand and the way the driver and the company behind them like to schedule their hours. Those who use a driver during the day and on weekdays tend to do so for work or practical reasons, while at night and on weekends the service is generally more recreational. If you're an older person who just needs a more personalized service to go to a Broadway show, you'll hire them for a few hours. These are also days when most people want to be out of work, so it will also make sense that drivers themselves want to be compensated at a higher rate.

If you're a jet set executive who needs to be able to go anywhere at any time, you might have a full-time driver (or a couple of alternate shifts) to fit your schedule. Working with a driver in Los Angeles, for example, is commonplace during the day in such a car-oriented city and will cost less than during the night. Due to the fact that it is beneficial for the driver and limousine rental business to be fully booked on unique dates and occasions, they generally only offer package deals instead of the typical hourly rate, which can also lead to an increase in cost. The type of vehicle you'll need is one of the most important determining factors in calculating how much a driver will cost.

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