How much does it cost to hire a private driver nyc?

How much does a personal driver earn in New York? Other charges may include mandatory cleaning, insurance, and even parking, tolls, or other expenses that may accrue while the vehicle and driver are in use. We serve a diverse account base, including corporate accounts, healthcare, and exclusive private clients.

Most chauffeurs

expect a ten to twenty percent tip above and beyond the hourly or package rate, even if they're private drivers and working on their own. These are also days when most people want to be out of work, so it also makes sense that drivers themselves need higher compensation.

Because it's best for driver and limousine rental companies to have full bookings on special dates and events, they often only offer package deals instead of the normal hourly rate, which can also drive up the price. The type of vehicle you'll need is one of the most important determining factors in calculating how much a driver will cost. Some companies, especially the larger ones, will include the driver's tip on the general bill as a service charge, so be sure to look before handing out another cash tip.

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